concrete countertop

concrete countertop

concrete countertop

Integral concrete color is a one-of-a-kind coloring process because the material is pigmented throughout the piece. Think about how food coloring turns a whole glob of icing into a uniform color.. That is how integral color mixes into concrete countertop and creates a fully pigmented countertop. The colors come in many forms, including dyes and powders. Iron-oxide mix-ins are also common. Integral color materials are designed to disperse evenly into the mixture. The colors can range from earthy and pastel to vibrant, nearly neon. Any color can be added to concrete.

The Biggest Draw

Color is present from top to bottom, side to side. This means that if the top surface is scratched, the scratch will be less noticeable as it is the same color.

The Colors Stay Vibrant

The pigments used to color the concrete are chemically stable and do not yellow or fade with time. Your countertops will remain colorful longer than many other options on the market, especially when properly cared for.

Low Maintenance

Colored concrete countertop is topped with a clear urethane sealer to protect it from the most aggressive of staining agents and kitchen wear. This means your concrete will stay pretty for a long time.

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